Authenic Pilates Philosophy

Authentic Pilates, originally called “Contrology” by its creator Joseph H. Pilates, is a series of precise exercises performed on specifically designed apparatus. The exercises, through coordination of breath and specific body positioning, improve strength, flexibility and control to achieve balance in the body.  His techniques are practiced and perfected on equipment based on Mr. Pilates own design specifications. This brilliant system encourages the body to work deeply and yet naturally. In his technique, one always moves from within the core of the body, giving a sense of wholeness. Each exercise is executed with the three concepts that are the very heart of the Authentic Pilates Method: stretch, strength and control. Simple to understand, challenging to master.

The sessions are tailored to meet each client's needs, goals and physical capabilities.  It is a study where the student continually learns and strengthens the body’s capabilities.  Pilates is suitable for both men and women of all ages.  There is no doubt that Joseph Pilates original approach can work wonders when applied by a qualified instructor who understands how to create and tailor an Authentic Pilates workout personalized for your body and capabilities. The benefits of Pilates are endless and include: increased flexibility, strengthened and toned muscles, improved posture, increased lung capacity, uniformly developed muscles, improved range of motion, improved body awareness, increased energy, and a more balanced body preventing muscle and soft tissue injury. When applied correctly, it will make you look, feel and move better!

Pilates was developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s. Joseph, a sickly child who suffered from many ailments, dedicated his entire life to becoming physically stronger. During WWI, Joseph Pilates worked as a nurse in an internment camp. It was here that the beginnings of Authentic Pilates began to take shape. Tired of watching the wounded wither away in their hospital beds, Pilates developed a system of exercises that allowed the bed-ridden to strengthen their bodies while recuperating from their injuries.  Using what was available in the hospital, springs from beds and other equipment, Joseph designed apparatus that provided a challenging workout for the wounded soldiers.  From this experience, he began to develop an innovative exercise regimen called the “Art of Contrology”, now know as Authentic Pilates.  "Contrology" is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit.

After WWI, Joseph Pilates moved to New York City where he opened his first gym. His method of conditioning immediately drew the attention of famous dancers, professional athletes and the general public.  Among Joseph Pilates’ most devoted students was Romana Kryzanowska. She trained and taught under Joseph Pilates for 30 years. After he died in 1967 at the age of 87, Joseph’s wife, Clara, asked Romana to carry on his legacy.  Six decades later, Romana remains dedicated to teaching the Authentic Pilates method as created by Joseph Pilates.  Based in New York, she oversees elite international teacher training studios that require over 700 hours of apprenticing, testing and training before awarding certification.

The Ventura Pilates & Spiraling Arts Studio is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality Authentic Pilates instruction.  Our focus is on the individual.  Sessions are customized to meet our client's goals and needs.   We use Gratz Pilates equipment designed according to the original specifications of Joseph Pilates' own equipment.

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